Project Description



Center Parks is a place to make new memories with your loved ones. Therefor they were looking for a water park attraction in one of their lakes. A water park with a Center Parcs look. It had te be playfull with a natural and understated look. The musthaves for this new attraction were play elements, climbing elements and it had to be accessible to everyone.


The job did not only acquire the designs of the individual elements but also the lay out, flow and crowd management of the complete park. Safety was an important aspect within this project. Each element had to be produced separately and the water depth had to be taken into account. Every element has its own characteristics with levers and fixing eyes so they can easily be attached to other elements.


The end result is a water park that consists out of 150 elements. They are connected with levers and fixing eyes. We added velcro strap for extra stability, safety and comfort. All elements have a CE mark and certification. The park was an immediate success with more than 35.000 visitors within its first 4 months. The location was even chosen to be featured in a season long tv show on a Belgian national network.